Growing the subscriber base is the ultimate goal for any subscription businesses. HelixPay helps you with this by letting you create vouchers that you can give to your customers. Voucher codes can create a positive experience for both new and existing customers.

You can create generic voucher codes or add a personal touch by creating a code that is unique for the customer you are giving the voucher to. You can also give fixed or percentage discounts and you can set the minimum purchase amount and/or expiration date.

The following are the steps in creating a voucher:

Step 1: Go to the Vouchers tab then click '+ Create New'.


Step 2: Fill out all the required fields.


Step 3: Set the optional values.



Applicable Order Count

The applicable order count lets the merchant set the applicable number of orders per customer the voucher will be applied to allowing them to offer special discounts like “First two months for 300 pesos off” or “Get your first six months of service at 20% off”.

Step 4: Set voucher status to Active.


Step 5: Click Save!


The merchants can go back to the Vouchers module to see all the vouchers created. They can also edit and/or delete a voucher from the Vouchers module.


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