HelixPay API allows your business to seamlessly integrate your website or app with our recurring payments technology.

All requests and responses between clients and the API are JSON over HTTPS.

Domains for all API calls:


To get your Client ID and Secret, access your Merchant Console Account and generate client credentials under the Credentials page or contact us at [email protected] with information about your application, and we will generate the credentials for you. Client credentials will be sent via email.

Token Generation

The token can be retrieved using the provided credentials:

Every endpoint requires you to authenticate with a JSON token and you have to pass an authorization header to every request:

Authorization: Bearer [access_token]

See API Reference Authentication for full details


You may not perform more than 360 requests per minute per IP.
If you exceed, you will first receive an error. Failure to slow down your request rate may result in a temporary ban.

Should you require a higher request rate, do let us know by contacting support.

API Collections to get you started

  • Download your preferred collection
  • Extract Files
  • Import the extracted directory
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