Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is merchant storefront?

The merchant storefront is where the customers can check out your products or services. It is HelixPay's most popular integration option for businesses with no coding required. The storefront has a link which you can plug in to your website. No worries if you don't have a website! You can still share the link to your social media accounts or directly to your customers so they can start checking out your subscription offers.

2. How can I create my storefront?

The HelixPay Team will create the storefront for you. Just give us your product list, brand logo and colors and we can create your storefront in just a few minutes. You can still customize the design later on.

3. How can I get verified?

Merchants can get verified once they submit their KYC Documents and HelixPay Team approves it.

4. How to cancel a Subscription?

2.1. Customer Cancellation

The customer can cancel the subscription using the subscription email confirmation. To do this, the customer can go to the email inbox and look for the subscription email confirmation. The customer can see the link to cancel on the bottom part of the message.

2.2. Merchant Cancellation

To cancel a subscription, the merchant can go to the Subscriptions module in the merchant console then click the ellipsis button found on the rightmost part of the subscription to be cancelled. The merchant will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Once it is confirmed, the action cannot be undone.

5. What is the difference between cancelling and deleting subscriptions?

  • If a customer cancelled their subscription, the customer will still be able to receive the ordered product(s) or use the service(s) that’s already been paid for and the future subscription will be cancelled. The merchant will see this as a ‘Cancelled’ subscription in the merchant console. This action can be done by both the customer and the merchant.

  • Deleting a subscription can only be done by the merchant from the merchant console. If a subscription is deleted, all the orders attached to the subscription will also be deleted and the merchant can no longer see the record from the merchant console.

6. What is a failed payment?

A failed payment happens when the customer was not able to pay the order successfully. It usually occurs as a result of a bank declining the payment or a problem on the customer's end.

7. How to address failed payments?

To address a failed payment, the merchant should know first what caused the error. To see the error message for a failed payment, the merchant can go to the Analytics module in the merchant console, this will redirect the merchant to the subscription analytics dashboard. The merchant can see the list of failed payments on the bottom part of the dashboard. Once the merchant knows what caused the failed payment, they can inform their customer about this and ask to retry the payment or change the payment method. If the error seems unclear, click here to know more about each failed payment error or contact the account manager.

8. Where can we see the remittance report for our transactions?

The merchant can see their weekly remittance report in the merchant console under the Finances module. HelixPay Payments Team also sends a weekly transaction report through email every Friday.

9. When can we receive the payment for the transactions?

The merchant will receive the remittance for the weekly transactions every Friday. Days covered for the weekly remittance are from Thursday of the previous week to Wednesday of the settlement week. The payment for these transactions are sent to the account details provided by the merchant. Any bank or digital wallet is acceptable and no additional transfer fees are charged to the merchant.