Release 13 - May 24, 2022

Welcome to the HelixPay Release 13 - May 24, 2022. The following are the key features included in this version:

  • Product Details Page
  • Auto-charge vs Auto-reminder subscription option for card and Paymaya wallet payments
  • Outstanding Balance Billing Tool
  • Add video and audio clip to email blast
  • Send custom voucher codes using email blast
  • Facebook Pixel for online marketing
  • Customizable subscription frequency header
  • Set up convenience fees per payment method
  • Additional bi-monthly and semi-annual subscription frequencies
  • Merchant Console Announcements


Product Details Page

HelixPay Storefronts now have “Product Detail Pages” where merchants can display additional information to help convince customers to purchase. The product details page is customizable and using this feature will be helpful to show features, benefits, and product guidelines to the customers.

Here’s a quick overview of the main features for the product details page:

  1. Add up to 5 SKU Photos;
  2. Add a video link and it plays right on the page so customers don’t get kicked out of the storefront;
  3. Customers can add the product to their cart; and
  4. Each product details page has its own URL so merchants can link the URL to their social media posts or existing website.

Click here to start creating your product details page.

Auto-charge vs Auto-reminder subscription option for card and Paymaya wallet payments

Merchants can now configure whether they want to offer the ‘auto reminder' subscription flow for their credit card and debit card customers. The auto reminder option for credit and debit cards will follow the same flow as the bank transfers and e-wallet mode of payments. Turning this on will give the customers the option to decide whether they want to be automatically charged for each payment or receive a reminder for each payment. Customers who are on the auto reminder flow will still not have to input their details for every billing because their card is stored securely. For their recurring orders, customers will be redirected to the ‘Pay Now’ page and trigger the payment in one click!

The purpose of this feature is to give clients who may be nervous about automated recurring payments another convenient payment option that still helps merchants increase recurring payment efficiency.

Merchants can also set a special discount percentage for customers that select “auto charge” to create an extra entice to enable full auto payments.


Make this option available for the customers by enabling it here.

Outstanding Balance Billing Tool

Unpaid balances for a subscription ID can now be automatically grouped together and added to the next billing. If this feature is enabled by the merchant, the total value of all the unpaid Order IDs for that subscription will be shown to the customer as an ‘unpaid balance’. Merchants have the ability to decide when an order is considered 'Overdue' and when it's going to be added to the next order. This can be set up on the recurrence settings. Moreover, the word 'unpaid balance' is also customizable.


Enable the Outstanding Balance feature here.

Facebook Pixel for online marketing

Merchants are now able to add their Facebook Pixel to track conversion rates on their HelixPay Storefront. This will be a good tool for merchants who want to run online marketing campaigns for their subscription products.


Message your HelixPay Account Manager with your Facebook Pixel ID and we will set it up for you.

New Email Blast Tool

Add video and audio clip to email blast

Merchants are now able to upload video and audio clips to the email blasts for their subscribers. We’ve done this with an innovative integration with Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. This feature allows the following:

Video ClipsAudio Clips
Youtube LinksSoundcloud Links
Vimeo Links

These can be embedded directly in the email using the email blast tool. Using this is a great way to deliver more engaging content for subscribers to increase engagement and customer retention.

Send custom voucher codes using email blast

Using the email blast tool, merchants can create and limit the availability of custom voucher codes. Vouchers can still be made available for all users, but using this feature will also allow for vouchers to only be accessible for active subscribers of a chosen product group. Active subscribers are those that have successfully paid for their recent billing for the chosen product group. Merchants can also set an expiry date for the voucher codes created and sent out.

For the best experience, it would be good to remind customers that they should be logged in if they want to use the voucher code.


Explore the new email blast tools here.


Set up convenience fees per payment method

This release also includes the ability for merchants to configure the convenience fees depending on the payment method. The convenience fee can be set either as a fixed number or a percentage of the subtotal. Merchants are also able to change the word ‘convenience fee’ into a term that they like. The convenience fee will be displayed on the checkout page for the customers.


Click here to set up the convenience fees per payment method.

Additional bi-monthly and semi-annual subscription frequencies

For this release, HelixPay merchants will now be able to offer 2 new frequencies for their subscription offering: every 2 months, and semi-annual frequencies. All the frequencies available can be configured on the merchant console and on the SKU level.


Set up your subscription frequencies here.

Customizable Subscription Frequency Header

HelixPay has set recurring options (weekly, monthly, 60 days, etc), adding this feature lets merchants customize each recurrence option and name a sub header or "recurrence detail" for each option. Merchant also have the option to disable the discount percentage highlight info on their storefront. This can be set for the whole storefront, or on the SKU level. Removing the discount highlight info can be a good approach for “installment” type subscriptions where the monthly payment method is not meant to be a discount vs the full price.


You can find the subscription frequencies and header customization here.

Merchant Console Announcements

The new 'Announcements' tab on the merchant console will display important announcements from the HelixPay team for the merchants.



Those are all the new features for now! Every month we will be releasing new features and enhancements in HelixPay as we work to build the most helpful tools to help you offer subscriptions and maximize your recurring revenues.

We also love to get feedback. Please share any ideas you have for further improvements and new features to your HelixPay Account Manager. A lot of the features we build are inspired by feedback from our clients.