Release 14 - June 22, 2022

Welcome to the HelixPay Release 14 - June 22, 2022. The following are the key features included in this version:

  • New HelixPay Merchant Console
  • Discord Integration
  • Bulk Upload Subscriptions
  • Storefront Customization
  • Pre-payment Email Reminder
  • Custom Font for Emails


New HelixPay Merchant Console

One of the main updates for this release is the new design of the HelixPay console. The HelixPay team will upload announcements and important updates on the new homepage tab of the HelixPay console.

With this release, HelixPay also reorganized the tools on the console to make it easier for the merchants to navigate through HelixPay's subscription tools. There are now 3 main groups on the HelixPay console:

GroupSettings/ Tabs
Subscription toolsDesign

Bulk Upload Subscriptions

Uploading subscriptions in batches is now possible through the merchant console! This will enable automated recurring payments for your existing clients through HelixPay. This feature will allow the merchants to send out payment requests simply by uploading a .csv file. Merchants can also configure the text of the email and sms notification that’s going to be sent out to the uploaded customers.

These customers will automatically receive an email and SMS notification informing them to pay for their first order, and then HelixPay handles all the recurring payments going forward from there.

Merchants will also be able to see a quick overview of the performance of their previous uploads including the open rate of the notifications, purchase rate, and purchase value.

Discord Membership Experience

HelixPay is introducing a new Discord integration for merchants who are offering a membership experience for their subscribers!

This feature will enable merchants and creators to automatically add new members to their membership group chat in Discord. As an example: If this feature is activated by the merchant for a specific SKU, each new subscriber for that SKU will receive a link to join the discord server set up by the merchants. The server is also connected to HelixPay and that makes it possible for HelixPay to remove a customer who has not been able to pay for their latest bill. Don’t worry, once your members pay again, they can be easily added back into the group chat. This feature will definitely remove the hassle of adding and evicting members on the membership group chat as the HelixPay Bot will manage it end to end!

HelixPay also made the setup easy for merchants. On the HelixPay console, merchants should set up and authorize the Discord ‘server’ they want to use and choose which SKU to offer it with. HelixPay will automatically send the discord links through the subscription confirmation notification to the customers.


Storefront Customization

Storefront Background Image

Merchants are now able to make their storefronts stand out more by using background images for their HelixPay storefront! Merchants can upload these file types as background images: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif. Moreover, merchants are able to decide on the position of the image on their storefront so it would be highlighted the way that they want.

Storefront Headline Text

In addition to the storefront description merchants have on their storefront, this release added a feature that lets merchants put a headline on their storefront. This will be the first thing the customers see on the top of your HelixPay storefront that enables merchants to highlight their slogan or business description!

Prepayment Email Reminder

This new feature allows more customization of the email reminders sent to customers. By default, HelixPay sends out 1 email reminder for unpaid orders scheduled 3 days before the billing date. With this release, you can now set the number of days for when you want to send the email before the billing date. This can be helpful for businesses like utilities, rentals, and memberships where the payment date is fixed per month and the merchant wants to add additional reminders for their customers before their upcoming billings.

Custom Font for Email Notifications

Font customization is now available for the email blast feature! Start creating engaging content and make it look even better by using a font that fits your branding.

What’s Next

Guide to accessing the new features: