Release 18 - October 2022

Welcome to HelixPay Release 18. The following are the key features included in this version:

  • Content Cards
  • Distinctive Features
  • Featured Products
  • Custom Pricing
  • Overview Dashboard
  • Payment Success Page Content Card
  • Photo Compression


Content Cards

You can now add up to 4 content cards to further customize your storefront! Content cards can be used to put special announcements, product teasers, featured content, and a lot more. You can simply add a photo or a video with headers and subheaders to make your storefront more exciting and attractive for visitors.

Click here to learn how to create your first content card.

Distinctive Features

The distinctive features allow you to easily add quick information about your unique attributes as well as upload eye-catching graphics that will attract your customers and build excitement for them to purchase your products and services.

Learn more about Distinctive Features here.

Featured Products

Now you can showcase your featured products on the top of your storefront. Featured Products are a great way to drive attention and promote your best-selling, brand new, or discounted products to create excitement that will eventually lead to a higher conversion rate by making your most popular products the most visible.

Learn how to enable featured products when creating or editing a product here.

Custom Pricing

You can now enable customers to choose any value to pay or donate for particular products. This works great for donations or fundraisers where people might want to choose big or small amounts depending on their unique preference.

Switch to custom pricing from product page.


Payment Success Content Card

This new feature allows you to create a unique payment success page for each product. You can use this feature to highlight product information, run a promotion, or even cross sell other products that can be purchased in combination with the customer's current purchase.

Click here to know more about updating payment success page content card.

Overview Dashboard

The new overview dashboard now allows you to see the performance of your business the moment you log into the HelixPay console. This feature displays your total orders, revenue, and active customers over a specified time period.

Photo Compression

Customers will notice your photos first when they visit your storefront, so make sure they not only look good but also fit within the frame. With the photo compression tool, you can now adjust your photos and ensure that there are no white spaces when they are displayed on the storefront.