Release 17 - September 2022

Welcome to HelixPay Release 17. The following are the key features included in this version:

  • Promo Announcement
  • Secure Voucher Access
  • Hover Image Handling
  • SMS Blast
  • Exclusive Access Section
  • Customizable Content Page Button
  • Limited Ordered Quantity per SKU


Promo Announcement

You can now display promo announcements on your storefront! This feature is a great way for you to announce any sales or launch campaigns to your website visitors. The promo announcement can be found on the top of your website, so it's easy for customers to see.

You can choose the text and appearance of the promo announcement in the console. The promo announcement banner is also clickable, so you can set this to send the customer to a product, a content page, a category page, or a specific content.

Secure Voucher Access

HelixPay now enables you to offer exclusive access to vouchers for your fans! You can set the vouchers and upload the exclusive customers on the HelixPay console along with the mobile numbers and emails of the particular customers you want to have access to the specific voucher.

HelixPay will verify the customers through the OTP confirmation process and those chosen customers will be able to use the voucher. If you are not a verified user, the voucher won't work. This will be a great way to offer additional perks to your special fans and supporters! This can be set up on the vouchers tab in the console.

Hover Image Handling

HelixPay’s new storefront product image feature is a new and exciting way to show your product images and media in your storefront for your customers. Your storefront product cards / images will now automatically swipe when customers ‘hover’ over a particular product on both mobile and desktop versions of your website. This creates a more engaging experience for your website visitors and enables customers to see all the media you have uploaded without having to visit the Product details page.

Upload more photos for every product to see this in action!

SMS Blast

We're excited to announce that you can now send blasts directly to your fans through SMS! Using the blast tool in the console, you will now have the option to send out SMS blasts when sending out email announcements to your fans.

You are able to set a different message in SMS and a different message through email. This will be a great tool to use to keep your fans and community up to date with your content!

Exclusive Access Section

This feature allows you to offer exclusive access to certain products that can only be accessed by customers who paid for a subscription. By setting a product's exclusivity, you can offer members-only products as an additional perk to your fans!


Customizable Content Page Button

You can now customize the content button that displays in your HelixPay storefront! The Content page displays all the exclusive content you are uploading for your paid subscribers.

By renaming the Content Page button, you can help your fans find exclusive content easily. You'll have full control over what to call that page and get your fans excited about all the exclusive content behind your log-in paywall. This can be edited on the design page on the console.

Limited Ordered Quantity per SKU

If you've been wanting to launch limited quantity and exclusive products, this release will allow you to limit the quantity of each product for each customer order. You can set this number on the HelixPay console through the Edit Product page and customers will not be able to order more than the number you set!

What’s Next

Guide to accessing the new features: