Release 16 - August 2022

Welcome to HelixPay Release 16. The following are the key features included in this version:

  • HelixPay Content Hub
  • Sell-out Counter Display on Storefront Cards
  • Custom Components on Checkout Page
  • International Shipping Fee
  • Down Payment Option
  • Redesigned Storefront Cards
  • Product Group Page Design


HelixPay Content Hub

Merchants are now able to host exclusive video content on their members page for their paying fans and subscribers! This will enable creators to give access to their own exclusive content through the members page right on their HelixPay storefront! Creators will be able to upload the videos directly from their HelixPay console. Merchants will also be able to decide which SKUs the content is specifically available for.

HelixPay handles the login ‘paywall’ for this page to make sure only paid members are able to access the content. Each creator can now have their own personal Netflix!

Start sharing your first content here!

Sell-out Counter Option on Storefront Cards

Merchants can now display the number of items sold per product with the sell-out counter option. The number of items sold (X) can be displayed on the storefront as “X sold already”, or “X/Y sold”, with Y being the total inventory count set for that particular product. These inventory displays can help entice customers to purchase, knowing that other people buy the item too and stocks will run out. Depending on the nature of the product and the intention of the merchant, the merchant can also choose not to display the inventory status of a particular product.

This can all be controlled on the console on the stock settings under each product setting page.

Custom Components on Checkout Page

The HelixPay checkout page now enables custom components to allow merchants to gather more detailed information from their customers. Aside from the customer and billing details, merchants can add customized group fields such as “Delivery recipient” for improved product deliveries, or “Customer preferences” for more customized requests from the fans of creators. Merchants can edit the custom component title, and add a description to it. Merchants can also add, edit, and reorder custom fields under that component.

Merchants can adjust these in the Custom Component tab under Settings.

International Shipping Fee

Good news for merchants catering to international customers – HelixPay now enables merchants to handle shipments outside the Philippines! Shipping rates for other countries can now be set on the console under the Shipping Region tab on the Settings page. HelixPay includes all countries in the world, and merchants can categorize them the way they want for the fees.

Create your shipping region here.

Down Payment Option

More customization on the initial pricing for recurring subscriptions and memberships are now enabled with HelixPay. With the down payment option, merchants can now set initial order prices higher than the recurring payment, allowing customers to settle their down payment for the product upon purchase. For example, customers are able to pay Php1,000 upon purchase and Php500 for the next months for their membership. The initial order price can be set per frequency per product on the product settings page.

New Storefront Design

Redesigned Storefront Cards

HelixPay storefront has a new and improved look with more eye-catching product cards! These cards put a spotlight on the merchant’s product photos, gifs, or videos, so customers can easily recognize the merchants’ offerings. In addition, the new grid layout display allows customers to scroll through and compare the different offerings like on Shopee or Lazada. Depending on the user’s screen size, storefronts can fit up to 4 product cards per row.

Merchants can upload product media on the product page of the HelixPay console with file formats png, jpeg, and gif for photos, and videos from YouTube or Vimeo links.

Product Group Page Design

For merchants to further emphasize and describe the product groups on their storefronts, they can now add product group icons which can be in the form of a photo or a gif. The icons will appear center-aligned on top of the product group names. These icons are design additions for the merchants’ storefronts and will help the customers visualize the product groups. These icons can be added on the product group settings on the console.

Merchants can now also customize the product group page design. They can add a banner, headline, description and videos on each product group page, similar to the elements on the storefront’s homepage. This new customization tool allows merchants to further describe a certain product group to their customers. The product group layout can be customized also on the product group settings.